Limitations of Spotify plugin?

I can’t seem to find any documentation about the Spotify plugin, so thought I’d try here. I have managed to get the plugin working but am I right in saying that in order to play an album from Spotify, I have to create a playlist first and add all the tracks from that album to the playlist? Similarly, I’d have to do the same if I want to play any playlists I’ve already created on my Spotify account? If so, is that because that’s all the Spotify API allows?

I’m running the latest version of Volumio (26/03)


Hi there, you don’t need to create playlists, you can use Volumio’s search feature to find albums, artists and tracks on Spotify. When you click on the Spotify tile you should have 4 options to click on, the top being “My Playlists”. Clicking that will show you your Spotify playlists and you should be able to play any of them directly from the UI.

Okay, thanks for the confirmation. I think I must have been having wireless connectivity issues coupled with the fact that you can’t seem to be able to play an album or playlist from a particular track onwards - it seems to be all or only one track at a time.

I have some playlists that have 100 tracks or more. It would be nice to be able to play them from where I left off the last time. I think I’m right in saying that’s not possible, right?

Use the Spotify Connect 2 plugin instead, it’s much better at functioning like a normal Spotify application. I don’t care if #1 is more stable, only having playlist capability was useless for me.

In case it helps anyone: within the spotify plugin, if you search for “Discover Weekly” or “Release Radar”, it should list your personal playlists.

I have not discovered how to pull up Daily Mix 1/6, nor Artists’ radios.

You can’t with regular the spotify plugin - Spotify don’t expose those API’s cause they want you to keep users engaged via their apps :wink: