Limitation on playlist of 250 songs?

Good afternoon,
Thanks for this great piece of software. I am very impressed with how it works.

I am wondering if someone can chime in on this.

I have a library of approximately 6500 songs broken out in genres, etc. like most people I am assuming.
My question is this: When I generate a playlist of my own (say by adding genre Rock and genre Easy Listening), I should have a listing of well over 700 songs. However, my playlist screen only shows 250.

Is this a pre-determined limitation in Volumio?
Is this something I can change?

Raspberry Pi 2
2 thumb drives (32 gig each) with music folders
Volumio 1.5
Analog out to an old receiver

No one?
I am thinking this has to be a limitation set out in the software itself. 250 songs all the time.
I have found a way around it by simply creating multiple playlists with less than 250 and then amalgamated them in Notepad++ but thought it would be nice to do this from within the GUI itself.

If no replies, I will have to dig in the software to see if I can find the limitation string.


There is no limitation for the playlist. Mine is 2100 songs (flac)
Maybe a special tag on a file make the problem occurs…

Very interesting indeed.
I just find it odd that no matter what files I choose from my library to add to a playlist once it is over 250 songs it does not add any more.
This is in the web GUI of course.

I will have to look into the tag idea.
I wonder what tag would mess that up.

Thanks for your reply.

could i be that the queue only shows 250 songs while the playlist is actually longer?
That theres a maximum of songs shown in the queue

You could check this via mpc commands via ssh

Mobey Duck,
Interestingly enough, I was able to create a playlist that is longer than the 250 songs but amalgamating 2 playlists outside of Volumio and then using WinSCP to put in on the machine.

When I did that, the playlist shows with the correct number.
It seems to be when I am adding from the web gui it will only allow me to add 250 songs and then no more.