limit maximum volume


I have a raspberry pi with a hifiberry dac connected to an class D amplifier without volume control. This works very well but I am a bit wary about the volume control. The volume from my speakers are quite high even when the slider is around 25% and I think that they would not manage 100% volume output. so to my question, Are there any possibilities to limit the maximum volume to something that would be safe for the speakers? If not, would it be difficult to implement this into the webgui?

Regards Skjalg


I’d like to limit the maximum volume as well is possible, although my situation is different.

I have a RPi with HiFiBerry DAC using the 3.5mm connection. With help from the HiFiBerry team it appears that the input on my basic audio system doesn’t like the output of the DAC at 100% (electrical “crackles” before volume cuts-out…discussed on the HiFiBerry forum). Setting the playback volume to 67% in the Volumio WebUI seems to solve my problem (using software volume control for this DAC).

Is there away to stop anyone with access to the UI changing this back to 100%. Can something be set in the back-end?

Currently using Volumio 1.4.



Dear all,
I am also using volumio with Hifiberry DAC+ and a simple power amp. I am runnig 1.55. My little son tested my speakers twice now at max volume an thus now its obligatory to include a limiter. Is anybody out there who managed to include e.g. a pcm limiter in alsa or any other suggestion.