Library view in Volumio2

I have been using 1.55 for a while and have been very impressed by it. Gone are the problems I used to have with things hanging. My raspberry pi is always there to play music at my beck and call - fantastic.
Today I upgraded to 2.129 - thanks to all who have contributed. I was suprised by how easy it was to get it up and going - especially the as the hot spot meant that I could get things going without having to connect via ethernet. I like the new look (and better volume control). My hats of to all concerned - a superb job.
I do miss, however, the Library View that was available in 1.55. This was very useful as it allowed you to access individual tracks with just a few clicks (great for making a “just what I feel like listening to at this moment” type of playlist/queue. I would love to see this option in Volumio2. I will try it out as it is for a while, but I could see me reverting to 1.55 after a while.
Thanks again for a great product.

Could this be an opportunity to extend the library view with the album/over art grid view while browsing audio files & directories ?