Library update: Seems to crash Volumio on Raspi

Well, I installed this driver already
xxd shows that it delivers something back from the touchscreen but no “real” function so far

But this is a different topic . . .

Hi again,
I tried the “hack” with the different mpd version on my poor Raspi B with 256 MB. It collapsed during library scan . . .

What I did:
a: A fresh flash . . . boot the Raspi, let it sit there some time, installed mpd . . . introduced it to the storage and let it start to populate the library.
It collapsed after adding 18 albums
b: I modified cmdline.txt and set turbo mode to yes
This produce a lot of errors like this smsc95xx 1-1.1:1.0 eth0: kevent 2 may have been dropped
but it seems it stays alive . . . scan is still ongoing.


and finished now . . . Raspi stays alive

Hi Torsten, if you try with 256 MB pi, it for sure cannot run Volumio properly.
Could you try with the latest volumio release? On PIs with at least 512 MB

well, it actually runs after I changed the setting ( smsc95xx.turbo_mode=Y ),
same as the 512 MB model I also had to change it . …