Library Tag not loading

I have been very happily using Volumio 1.55 with my Rasp Pi B for a while now. It has been extremely reliable. All of a sudden, though, the library tag will not load. It only displays the loading icon (spinning circular arrows) no matter how long I leave it for. It is possible that something has been corrupted as the pi had been unplugged at the mains by my son without powering down.
I have tried updating the library (in System) but it doesn’t help the library tag load.
Grateful for any help.

In effect, your DB should be corrupted…
There some tricks to try to correct it (but not sure to success) by ediing db with a external tool ( search the forum, I wrote something month ago)
BUT, you’d better try Volumio2 : It will be quicker than trying to repair v1.55

Thanks for that. I will have a look. The thing is that it is that I can still access the tracks through the Browse menu of the Web GUI or through app on my phone.
I wasn’t planning to upgrade to Volumio 2 as everything was working so well. I’ll try to fix it, but if that fails I’ll make the leap!