Library tab shows incorrect info for M4A files

I have Volumio 1.55 on Raspberry Pi 2. I have a few thousand files on a NAS mount. The library tab shows the information mostly as expected, but there are some glitches:
a) if the file extension is M4A, with MP4 tag info, the Title of the song is not shown at all. For example, here is the full path to the file:
\NASA\music\B.J. Thomas\The 60s Pop Classics\2-11 Hooked On A Feeling.m4a
and here is the display under Library > Songs:
11 - (B.J. Thomas, The 60s Pop Classics)
All the displayed info comes from the tags, but not the Title. I have verified that the Title is in the tag info using two tag editors.

b) same file as above, the Genre should be “Pop”, but it shows up as “Unknown” in the Library (the Genre list: at the top left of the browser on Firefox, or the Genre tab of the Library device on Safari/iPhone)

Sorry if this is a repeat - I tried to search the forum for previous posts, but the search engine ignores common words such as “library” and “m4a”.

Also, is there a way to configure what fields/tags are shown? I don’t care for track # and album; I would like to turn those off.




I normally work with FLAC files, where I pay attention to settings the tags correctly, and then everything works as expected.

But yes, with AAC files, even purchased one from the iTunes store, meta data is not read correctly. For me, only the filename is shown.

Very annoying.