Library scan always gets stuck (on same file/folder?)

My setup:
RPi3 + Allo Boss DAC + wireless mouse&keyboard + external LCD display
Volumio 2.201

I have connected my EXTERNAL USB HDD to my router and set it up as network storage drive. I have successfully added the network drive to Volumio, and once the scan commences I can see and play the music files from network drive fine.

However, the scan always stops at track 2838. Since I have also videos on my external drive, I think it gets stuck on one of those, but I don’t know how to check to be sure. In any case, it continues “browsing” (updating library) but nothing happens. Even after 48hrs. Also, after few hours of scanning the volumio web interface gets glitchy;

…and then it becomes very slow and unrepsonsive, and eventually it loses the connection:

What is wrong? Is it the files that is trying to get scanned the problem? How can I find out where it gets stuck?
Is there a way to restrict which folders on network drive are getting scanned?

As you probably can guess, I have very little experience with RPi/Volumio/Linux.

I have the same problem. When looking at the log I see repeated lines of “Wrong scontrol identifier:” error, but I have no idea what that means.

Can you please send logs? … oting.html

Log before getting stuck;

Log after getting stuck:

And the latest one after still being stuck:

Any advice on how to make Volumio finish the scan?
If there is a trouble with a certain file that refuses to get scanned, I’d just delete it. No problem. But first, I’d have to know which file is the culprit.
Can you identify it from the log? Is there any other way I can identify it?

From your log I see:

 CIFS VFS: Send error in read = -11

I think this is the core issue, I’m seeing what that means…

Any ideas on this in the meantime?
Upgrading to latest version yesterday didn’t help. Once again stuck.

Also, is there a way to check on which file it gets stuck?
It is probably one of the many AVI/MP4/MKV media containers that are on the drive.

I went on manually deleting suspected files, and when I deleted a bunch of them (complete series of around 250 old AVI files (XVID video, mp3 audio) and corresponding SRT subtitles) the scan finally finished, and it works fine as of now. No issues after that.

There is no obvious reason for me that would cause a freeze of Volumio network drive scan. I don’t have the time to check all the files individually, but those that I did check seem to be fine. So it’s a random bug I guess. Even if the data was corrupted, it shouldn’t hang because of it.

I have the same message appearing in my log but no active scan going on. Here’s my log – would appreciate any guidance. … 522b4d7c27