Library: Sampler (Version 1.5)

today i upgraded from volumio 1.4.1 to 1.5.
The new library-view is a great new function … but in the album-list all my sampler theems not to work correct.

Each song in each samples is listet in albums. All other albums works fine. It seems that the album are grouped bei album-name and interpreter.

What can i do ?

I own a windows 8 tablet.
I tried to use the album-view on my touchscreen with my fingers … but this worked fine for me. The controls are to small for touchscreens.



I am just testing Volumio right now (RPI2, Version 2.041). I found the same behavior - displaying each Song of a sampler as album. This is odd. Is there any possibility to change this behavior? In the way it is displayed now the album view is nearly useless. (E. g. a christmas-sampler with 100 songs will show up 100 times. :open_mouth: )

Please help.