Library does not display

Hello guys,

congratulation on excellent work, Volumio is really an excellent piece of software :slight_smile:

I installed Volumio two days ago and everything for like a charm, but I have an issue with library part. After enabling library feature in Settings, when I go to library page I am getting frames for library, but without any piece music listed. I updated database and everything is fine uploaded from USB and can be listed through normal browsing, but I simply library cannot show anything.

Have someone had similar issue and solved it?

Volumio 1.5 is run on Raspberry PI B+ and accessed from Win7 with Firefox.

Thank you for your experience and instruction how to activate it.


how big is your library?
can you try another browser?

Unfortunately, same issue with Opera and IE. The library contains 150 GB of mp3 stored on external hard drive.

Thnx, regards.

same problem here
no matter which OS or browser

17k Files in library