Library by album with covers


My personal use of Volumio is to browse my local music database and play albums.
For this purpose, with a large library, the browsing interface is not really that convenient.

My wish would be to have a library view in the same way iTunes does (something like that : … es+Library), from which I can add a full album to the playlist directly.

Anyway, Volumio is very nice and is a good answer to my personal needs to listen to music at home. Great job.


I would also like to see something like this in volumio
it could be in the form of an add-on maybe?

It will be developed after we fix all the current bugs, and I promise it will look nice! :wink:


Nice example how library works is O!mpd. You can easely find it.

Great idea that it store favorites, listen counts, last time and tags(not id3, just tags) in database. But O!mpd can’t edit tags.
Because when your library is quite big its hard to remember what you have.

Also great feature is random list with filters.

I’m looking forward to it!


yes, yes, yes, i want this too, scrolling through the album covers sorted by artist.
this would be sooooooo great -)))))))))))

kind regards,

Something like that?

Well, its coming really soon…

my dreams come true -)))
it’s going to be perfect !

ps.: don’t forget to add the possibility/option to sort the covers by artistname :wink:


If you want to try it:

wow ! it is near to final version. good work so far !

here are some issues i find out when browsing by Albums (both views: List and Grid):

  1. the album is not bundled by album when the album is a compilation of many artists. Then i get the Album displayed/listed for every artist as seperate album.
  2. some albums are display without cover. it seems the covers are downloaded directly from the internet ? may be it is easier (or more failfree) when it is taken from a file called “folder.jpg” out of the directory of the album, like mpd clients do this. i think this will also speedup everything a little bit and will result in less network traffic (may be).
  3. the albums are sorted by album title and i will be wonderfull when there is a button to switch to artist sorting. this would be the great -)))))


i find something out:
the covers are not correctly loaded (from the internet ?) when there are special characters in the album title or artists name like:


ps.: i will put this information to the git-hub :wink:


Can’t wait till this comes out.

Gave me an my family finally Spotify this week.
Had some problems getting it configured in my volumio (v 1.55 on pi)
Found some people with similar problems telling that a reinstall solved there problems.
So thought I’d do that, then saw pre-release of volumio 2.
Installed that, got Spotify working, but sadly library was missing.
So went back to v1.55, as that was the most used option by us…
Got Spotify now also working on v1.55, but I must say that:

Both Spotify AND the images I see from coming library in volumio 2 look much, much better.
Gonna love this!!!