Let's talk about amplifiers

Let’s talk about power vs money. Can you get a powerful amplifier, let’s say 120 watts per channel for less than $500? Can you get one for cheaper than that?

Here’s what I have observed: I see a lot of cheapo Amazon 20-40 watt amplifiers. I also see plenty of expensive powerful amplifiers that hang out around $1000 (or more).[size=1]appvalley tutuapp tweakbox[/size]

I can’t seem to find the middle ground of a moderately powered amp for a fair modest price.

Does anybody know if any good amplifiers populate the area of around $400-$500. Does anybody know of any cheaper amps that can beat out the multichannel receivers in that price range.

I made this thread to collect as much Metadata as possible on the subject. If you want to add something relevant but not specifically asked, go right ahead. You wanna add something only slightly relevant? Go ahead. There are no bad replies here.

I want to learn as much as possible from other people who have more experience and knowledge in hifi audio than myself.

You don’t need to spend anywhere near $500. Class D offers a lot of variety; DIy or ready built, power, cost, and choice of IC.

The Ti TPA32** series is finally getting built into finished amps, and are a great ‘budget’ choice. Depending upon source and speakers, you may not need anything more ‘audiophile’…

For example: