Left and right audio channels swapped (Pi3B-->Pi2AES-->Gustard X26 Pro)


I recently received my “Pi2AES - Pro Digital Audio Shield w/Balanced AES” and use it as a DDC HAT on a Raspberry 3B. I’ve hooked it up to a “Gustard X26 Pro” DAC via the DIFFERENTIAL I2S OUTPUT (HDMI connector) which should work as the pinout conforms to the Gustard DAC pinout according to Pi2 Designs website. However, when playing music, the left and right audio channels are swapped i.e., the sound that should come out of the left speaker comes out of the right and vice versa.

For the OS, I use Volumio version 2.882 and have tried both the “Allo DigiOne” and the “HiFiBerry DIGI+ Pro” as I2S output HATs (the Pi2AES is not available as an I2S output source in Volumio but I have read elsewhere that the aforementioned alternatives should work).
My question is therefor, is the swapped audio channels caused by software or could this be a hardware issue? Is there a way to determine this?

I also tested the SPDIF COAX OUTPUT from the Pi2AES, but the issue persisted. I do not wish the solution to be swapping the left and right analogue outputs from the DAC to the amp as I am determined to understand the issue.

Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Soren,

Don’t you have a Phase Reverse setting in the settings of your DAC? I had the same thing with my Topping D90MQA and that solved the problem easily.

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