LED to backlight original tuner on an old radio

Hey all!

Love Volumio and have been using it in my Old Time Radio build, prominently display in my front room, currently playing DeadAir.co, all Halloween, all the time :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’d like do:

  1. My Volumio (Pi 2) stays ‘ready’ all the time. I don’t shut it off. When I want to listen to a station I simply open my Volumio shortcut on my phone and start one up.

  2. My radio is a very old, floor standing old time radio. On the front is the original analog tuning display.

  3. I want to have a few dim amber LED lights fade on, backlighting the tuner (to emulate the original way it worked) whenever my Volumio is outputting sound, and then fade out when no sound is being played.

I hope this makes sense!

Is this even possible?

Any help would be extremely appreciated!


That should be possible, look at the ampswitch or gpio buttons plugins… They basically toggle GPIOs linked to the volumio playing state…

For the fading in, you will have to either do something simple in hardware with some caps, or if your LEDs support pwm dimming, you could use that, with some tweaks to the software…


Thank you!