Leave LMS/Squeezebox for Volumio 2

I’ve setup at home a multiroom with 4 rpi running picore player and a Rpi2 serving a LMS (logitechmediaserver). I listen some webradio, few local mp3 and mostly Spotify with premium account.

I’d like to switch to Volumio as version 2 support multiroom.

I had test RC’s but there was issu with volume mixe (I use Hifiberry amp+) and with spotify integration.

Now Volumio 2 is out, is it functionnal for daily usage ?
Can I setup my multiroom with volumio 2, hifiberry and spotify ?

HOw is spotify integration ? Everything works (library, search, playist…) ?
Is spotify connect usable (using official spotify client to “send” music on volumio) ?

Thanks for your reply

Yes, Volumio 2 is great for everyday use, depending on your particular requirements.

Multiroom synced play is in the near future (next year), but not quite here yet. It’ll use ‘snapcast’, which works well from my trial of a manual installation

Spotify connect works fine for me via Balbuze’s plugin https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins

I’ll leave the comments on how fully spotify is incorporated to others with more knowledge.

We’re done with the first phase of Spotify integration in Volumio 2. “Featured Playlists”, “What’s New” and “Genre’s & Moods” are working, as well as browsing your personal playlists and search integration.

In the next phase we will use Spotify’s OAuth integration to access your saved tracks, albums, artists, and a host of other new features. It’s being actively working on this month.