LCD Display with Volumio and RPI4

Hello friends,

I thought that it will be better to open a new thread regarding the laptop Display and controlelr board for using with Volumio and RPI or TBS .
I am looking for a 15 inch display FHD or HD to use with RPI4 .
I thinking at this :

or 13 inch

Or I should go with another models

All display has 30 pin LVDS or the can connect to other interfaces to board controller ?


you better go with a screen already compatible with your rpi instead…
but the price will be a lot higher for 13 or 15 inch

here a 13 inch

Due to this I want to go with the abive solution.
I will give it a shot. I already have a working 4.3 inch waveshare dsi display.

waveshare is already made for rpi…
what your showing is a laptop screen without any controllerboard…

I know, a controller board is around 30 euro

you have to match them so it will work hopefully.
do you need touch?

Yes, I know…
What I do not know are the connection of the display, all are conected via lvds cable?

you better buy a second hand monitor with hdmi …
you have all the things needed inside and that starts at 40 euro

Great ideea, can you gave me a link from ebay uk. I searched but not found with hdmi.

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Thanks but it is too big. I need a 15 inch.

just look for monitor 1920x1080 and in the sidebar pick hdmi and search


the 13 inch cost more strange but true 15 inch is the standard size 13 is for a pc under sized