Lavry DA11 inside news


I own a Lavry DA11 DAC since 2 years.

This brand is well known by Audio professionnals as it’s audio quality fulfills sound engineers requirements for high quality recording studios.

As I’m planning to use this DAC with one of my Raspberry Pis, I wanted to have more informations about what’s inside.
So I made some surgery and opened its below to have a look !

I could find that :

  • the USB receiver is a chip from Texas Instruments named TAS 1020B !
  • the DAC chipset is made of 2 chips from Analog Devices : the filter is an AD 1896A and the DAC itself is a Sigma -delta AD 1955A
  • Op Amps are OP275G
  • This DAC seems to use two 8 channels CMOS Switches/multiplexers (ADG508AK) per stereo channel to switch resistors in order to program the output level of the output amplifier. In that way you can change the output level without any mechanical potentiometer ! And this virtual potentiometer has a very good precision and linearity and is also easily remote controlled !
    Have a look at the Specsheet :

Hope this helps to improve Volumio’s compatibility with this DAC and others who wanted to know more about Lavry’s solutions used in those marvelous DACs.



Made me want it… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: