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I’m new to the Volumio world, which I have to say is excellent. However, one thing I personally would find very very useful is a list of recently loaded albums. When I do my uploads I do them in at least batches of 20 and a week later cant remember all I’ve uploaded therefore I don’t actually listern to all my new music. So may I suggest a way of listing the new additions, if so that really would be the icing on the cake. Well done guys, what a brilliant job you have done.

I vaguely remember an old plugin that attempted something along these lines. Perhaps someone could adopt it, and get it working again.

That’s been requested more than once.
Recently Added
I’d like to see it list the most recent 10 or so newly added folders in the music store.
Would a shell script be able to generate a list?

Like running ls on the root of the music store and ordering the results by date and time, then presenting the results in a file that can be read and listed in the Volumio GUI.

So you’d have
Recently Added

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies. I’ll look for any signs of a plugin later, but it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who would like this facility.

I use Max2play running Squeezer at the moment in my car and caravan as this would be its sole use at the moment, and that isn’t reliable enough, it looses connection which is understandable as it’s not designed for that use where this, seems work seamlessly.

But I’ll continue to plod on with this and learn a bit more about it. For the moment I’ve taken a screenshot of my new stuff and I look at that then search for the album, so it’s very useable albeit a bit “faffy”. But I’m not complaining, just grateful it works better than what I have. Thanks guys for the comments , it’s appreciated.