LASTFM - Some Questions


I just installed & configured the LastFM plugin and made it runnning.
It ‘scrobbles’ the music that volumio plays. Ok.
My fresh LastFM is growing his list. Ok.

So what’s the good of tha
The Volumio UI does not display any feedback from the LastFM API : getSimilarTrack for example.
I was wondering that the plugin will suggest me some tracks to plays next.
By taking the recommendations that LastFM produces and making them match with the tracks available in Library…
Does it have this feature?

Do i miss something or does the plugin only scrobble with no more ‘service’ inside Volumio.
What’s the good of that?

Thank you a lot to make it clear for me.

Hi there,

I only use it for scrobbling, to keep track of my interests (and those of my girlfriend).
I can imagine you’d want more, so ‘the good of that’ is that this was the only feature I was using.

What kind of information from LastFM are you looking for? I see the similar tracks option, just thinking out loud here, should it show under browse?
And should it list tracks on Spotify, or in your library, or a mix of both when Spotify is enabled? I’m not sure it’s possible to match the similar tracks… the current nodejs library I’m using doesn’t support this.

UPDATE: I see the original nodejs library does have a getsimilarartists function, so getsimilartracks must be possible as well. The trick is to match those results with anything from the library… if there are results that can be matched.

I have no experience in the ‘similar track’-world. How are you using that functionality yourself now?

At the time of writing and quite frankly still a bit, I will only be using the scrobble option for metrics on the LastFM website only. But I do understand some people are using the other functions of LastFM. :wink:

Was there any work on this feature?

Anything I can do to help?

I would be very interested in having some form of suggestions feature.

I’m not working on that right now, I’ve identified a nasty bug I need to solve first. So back to the drawing board :wink:

What would help is identify the needs/wishes and their respective specifications.

For example:

Similar artists/tracks

  • Artist must exist in the library
  • Artist can exist in Spotify/Qobuz/Tidal?
  • Results shown under browse music

What is the expectation when the artist is shown?
Must it link to the library and show the albums and tracks, omitting everything not in the library?
Also… how would this work for Spotify/Qobuz/Tidal? Especially when you have multiple services installed and configured.


Thank you for the work I did not start ie: read about how to contribute with plugin dev…

I guess that ‘keep it simple’ would be good :

GetSimilarArtist could list some names then when name is clicked, goes to Volumio’s search embedded function
With this search function, there is no need to work on the scope (library, online services or so)

I think the plugin does exactly what it needs too, scrobbling, I don’t need anything else.
Well, I need the bosses to authorise the last update so Radio Paradise will scrobble too. Been weeks now.

Agree with icoco in that the search functionality is quite good and I would expect a search based on a returned value for suggested artist would work quite well.

Suggested tracks could search just track name or artist and track name concatenated with a space.

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Sorry for necro bumping, but just created this PR for the similar artists/tracks functionality.

Hi Sayiato

Interesting feature, now i’ll try to figure out how to search inside local library for matching similars.
It seems that the core does not feature an advanced search (artist, title, …)


I haven’t really looked into advanced searching, but I can’t recall something like that exists (correct me if I’m wrong). You’ll also want some ‘fuzzy logic’ to be applied I guess, to work around spelling issues (and characters with accents/special chars).