Large Spotify playlists not working

I don’t know if this bug has been reported yet or not, but I couldn’t find anything with a search. I’ve noticed that there appears to be a bug in dealing with a large Spotify playlist. My device is Raspberry Pi 3 with Hifiberry Amp+. The UI will show me my Spotify playlists but when I try to access one with a large number of songs (around 400) the UI is unable to show the list of songs nor will it place them into the queue. If I select a smaller playlist (185 songs), it works just fine. Is there a known limitation on playlist size?

Hi There, I just duplicated your issue with my RPi 3. I don’t believe it is a known issue.

The Spotify plugin is using an old API to get your personal playlists. All other functionality is using the new Spotify Web API. We’re working on getting Spotify’s OAuth authentication working, which will allow us to replace the personal playlist calls to the old API, as well as provide the basis for a much richer user experience. Hopefully we will have something usable in January, which will fix this issue as a side-effect.

Has this issue been resolved? I’m currently experiencing the same problem.

I’ve experienced the same problem when trying to execute multiple commands over the spotify plugin. Don’t think the size is really the problem, but the timing of the commands. As mentioned we might want to wait for OAuth, that’ll quite possibly solve some problems.

Also note that a slower system is more prone to these kinds of problems, for example my Pi1 had this problem every few clicks, the Pi2 and 3 last way longer before experiencing problems.

The good news for me is I just installed the latest Volumio update on both my old RPI B+ and RPI 3 and Spotify once again works for me! It suddenly stopped working a couple of months ago.

We’re still using the old, deprecated Libspotify library to retrieve a user’s playlists as well as for playback. Spotify is committing to release an embedded library for Linux in 2017, and with that and an Oauth interface for authentication we should be off of Libspotify and provide a dramatically better user experience for Spotify fans.

#winning! :slight_smile: Hope they will incorporate enough backend options (pipe/alsa/pulseaudio etc.) for widespread support.

Spotify has added a bunch of new REST endpoints such as: … -playback/

They are in beta, so it looks like they are preparing for an awesome release of the embedded libraries this year. Note the device_id parameter. While they only made Spotify Connect available to licensed hardware partners (and Balbuze and others have been able to figure out how to work around that), perhaps we will have an officially sanctioned API to provide this capability soon!