Large Music Library and Playlists

I need some help/suggestions for dealing with large music library and large playlists.

My server running Volumio is a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB of memory, and a Pi Touchscreen.

The Music Library is 13000 tracks.

Browsing to the Queue is a pain. On the Pi, the web page times out and takes more than a few minutes to display the queue (when it does). If I browse to Volumio with a desktop computer, it is slow but mostly works.

Is suspect that the differences between touchscreen and the computer are browser differences. I am using Firefox on the computer, but don’t know what browser is used in the Pi. Can the latter be improved?

Are there any ways to improve this?

I would possibly make the suggestion that the queue display be redone (or given an option) to page the display. For the touchscreen, I’d be quite happy with a dropdown selection of page site. I can deal with reloading the display to go from page to page rather than wait (sometimes) forever.

I really do enjoy putting my entire music collection into the playlist and then listening to it randomly. That’s my particular form of crazy.

I’d appreciate any help, suggestions, etc.