Large Library

Can someone tell me the status of the large library issue in Volumio.

I have roughly 23,000 music files on my NAS share.

I have no trouble “updating” the library, and I can Browse to select music to play.

But, the Library tab shows up as empty.

Is this an issue? Is there a way to fix it with the current release of Volumio?


I can confirm that, in the current release, there is a problem with large databases and the library tab.
However i do not have any statistics on a maximum amount and I’m not aware of any fix.

Sorry that i cant be of any more assistance in this matter…

I did have a library of about 4000 songs. My HDD crashed, so I’m beginning collect my music again. I do not have a big library at the moment, just few hundreds, and the library tab doesn’t show anything. When I installed Volumio in the beginning, the library tab did work with the 4000 songs. But suddenly it didn’t work any more. Installed Volumio again, and it worked for some time, but then again it didn’t. So I don’t think it is large library related.