Large libraries 2017

Hello everyone. I loaded Volumio to a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B a couple of days ago. If you Google “Volumio Large Library” you don’t get many positive results, so I’m posting this to help balance out some of the bad experiences. Many of those hits have to do with Volumio 1.x and I’m assuming Volumio 2 fixed the issue, but I think many of us with too many tracks on our drives are blaming Volumio instead of the bad files we downloaded twenty years ago. That was my issue.

My library is about 60,000 tracks and as I mentioned some of it’s 20 years old. After a rough start I’m now having success getting it all indexed.

My folder structure is simple: Artist Name > Album Name with a folder for OST’s and Various Artist compilations. I didn’t change the folder structure even though some info on the Internet said it was important to do so.

I started off by renaming my “music” folder to “music old.” I then created a new, empty “music” folder. I loaded the new music folder with about 500-1000 tracks at a time, then updated Volumio. When Volumio would stop responding, I would move the last batch of files back to the old folder and slowly re-add them to the music folder, a few at a time, until I was able to identify the culprit. It’s not a fun process but it was long overdue.

I haven’t identified all the issues with my problem files because I’m still in the process of indexing. I’m currently at 43,000 tracks across 3000 albums. A couple of easy-to-identify issue have to do with torrents that never completed, and mildly corrupted mp3’s downloaded from Usenet. So far I’ve found it pretty easy to live without these. :slight_smile: Anyway, that’s my experience so far. I’m glad I didn’t jump the gun and waste money on a miniPC before going through some necessary housecleaning.

Hi Dave,

my experience with a large library:

I have attached a USB HD (1.5 TB 2.5 inch WD via active USB hub) with my music library to my Raspberry Pi3 (running with 32GB Samsung MicroSD, Hifiberry Dac+ Pro and latest Volumio version 2.041)

The music library is a copy of my itunes library (abt 75.000 songs, file structure same as yours, i.e. artist–>album–>songs, pretty well tagged, mainly mp3 and aac files ranging from 160kbit/s (some older files) to 320kbit/s aac but also a couple of thousand lossless ALAC files.

Scanning the 75.000 songs with Volumio took abt 70 minutes (with stable stable scanning rate of abt 1000 songs/minute) without any stoppage.

I can navigate through the music library (a bit slow but OK for me) and play songs (fantastic quality!) but have observed following problems:

  • Some album covers are not displayed (might however be my mistake)
  • Search in Volumio doesn’t always show all results, e.g. a search for “Sting” will not show the artist “Sting” as a result.

Despite this (minor) issues it’s a fantastic combo for less than 120 Euros!


Further to my last posting I have now mounted my iTunes Library (being stored on a external HDD attached to my iMac) as a network drive to Volumio.
Volumio is scanning about 400 songs per minute (compared to about 1000 songs/minute with a USB HDD directly attached to the Raspberry) so it will take about 3 to 4 hours to scan my entire itunes Library but it appears to work :smiley: