Kind of a general plug-in question

I’m kind of at the stage where what I think I need is a plug-in. In general, because occasionally you come across a web radio site that is dropping ads indicating you should upgrade to their pay service (and especially for quality, I’m willing to pay and want to support the service). I’m assuming that with some of these services, especially when they have a web site, effectively Volumio is emulating a tablet or browser streaming from the site but you might want a plug-in to give you the UI to add credentials management.
I did take a peek at this post: How to create a Volumio plugin, the easy way
Where I got a bit confused was that the documentation linked from there on GitHub seems to be for all Volumio development. Am I right in assuming that you can safely do plug-in development directly on the RPI running Volumio? that is I can back out the plug-in if it goes south.
Also am I right in assuming that if you wanted to access a paid streaming service via Volumio, a plugin is probably the way you go about it (i.e. like the Spotify plugin)?
Thanks in advance

Basically you can do what you want on your own device … it might not survive a system update though. Go for it, have a play, ask your questions here, and hopefully you might develop a plugin that can be officially adopted for everyone to use.

If you are serious about this then I suggest that you make a '[PLUGIN] Insert you plugin name here" post in the Plugins - Volumio category. Set out what the plugin will do, and include a development plan/status. Here you will able to able to interact with the Community, ask questions, answer questions etc. etc.

Good luck, and looking forward to seeing how you get on. :wink: