Kia ora

Seems like some of my favourite hobbies are starting to converge … been looking for a while at how to bring my beloved 30yr old Plinius amp and AR speakers into the modern age with my digital music collection. I do love my vinyls, but sometimes I just want to sit down and listen, picking the tunes from my phone.

I have my RPi with a HiFiBerry DAC and Volumio connected to FreeNAS over wi-fi and I am really impressed with the audio quality, especially when playing flac files.

Very keen to see where this project goes. The UI is promising but I would love to see the library concept develop and adopt many of the features I like about iTunes (even tho I hate iTunes) namely:-

  • play counts
  • last played
  • ratings
  • lyrics
  • cover art
  • but most of all (multiple) smart playlists

Ka Pai