Khadas VIM3L remote

I have just installed Volumio onto my new Khadas VIM3L. It works fine and picks up my topping usb dac, plays dsd and all the other formats which is great. BUT… the remote that came with the Khadas (an amlogic NEC remote) does not work.

I have installed the remote plugin, and even tried it with some apple remotes but none of them worked either… does anyone know how to get remotes working?


Hi, where did you get the VIM3L image from?
We are still working on it and remote is not working…

I used Krescue to install version 2.748. I was slightly concerned that the image was not available for the Khadas boards from Volumio, but the website clearly mentions Volumio as a possible option for the VIM3l so I went ahead and got he HTPC kit with the remote! probably a bit over optimistic that it would work out of the box.

If development is still ongoing, I am impressed, most of it seems to work!

I am happy to feedback any issues I have, if that would be useful.

Should I wait until until the fully working image is ready before I update?

Can I update via Volumio OTA?


I am getting some errors “failed to open also hw 5,0” which stops playback.

I have looked but I couldn’t find much info about this error

any help appreciated.

I tried to get the some of the plugins to work. I have two instances of volumio in my house and I wanted to try out the multiple device output using snapcast, but that didn’t work giving an error that the processor was not recognised.

It would be handy to have some sort of changelog or just an list of what is working!

It is a manually edited version by Khadas employees for their internal Krescue testing purposes.
We did not release it, it is not updatable, several things do not work, there are samba issues and a risk of a kernel crash when rebooting and audio may not work properly.
The image is not meant for endusers, you are on your own.

Please also refer to the community portings, there is a Khadas topic which keeps you up-to-date with currently available model/ image versions.

OK, thanks for the update. I will check out the forums.

I think you should consider your advertising the system when it seems it is not quite ready.

Sending the message “VIM3L + TONE BOARD + VOLUMIO = HI-FI AUDIO PLAYER” when that is not the case is a bit misleading.

Do you have any time scale for a stable release?


we are not Khadas, therefore can not take responsibility for what they publish on their website.
“VIM3L + TONE BOARD + VOLUMIO = HI-FI AUDIO PLAYER” was not posted by us.

Point taken, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Will Khadas be developing Volumio for their products?

Obviously they are using your name and reputation for high quality audio to sell their products. Others, like me will be disappointed to discover that, as yet there is not a fully working version of Volumio that will run on a Khadas platform.

I appreciate the development work you are doing on the system. I downloaded the latest image and am testing it at the moment.