Keyboard in WebUI

Hi all,

i am using Volumio since three weeks, have installed it on the second Raspi 3B+ now. It´s a great Project. Thanks to all of you.
I have a question to the community now. I have running a home automation in my house (another raspi with iobroker). Volumio is displayed there via a browser widget and can be operated. However, I am not able to install a virtual keyboard on my Volumio raspi. So, I want to install a virtual keyboard in the webUI of Volumio to use the search function. I hope you can follow my needs and help me.
Thanks a lot


Hallo Leute,
ich möchte mich nochmal melden hier. Kann mir keiner einen Tip geben wie ich ein virtuelles Keyboard auf meine WebUI bekomme?

Vielen Dank schon mal