Kernel Sources? and SSD1289 Support


i cant seem to find the kernel sources for Volumio.

I want to use a 3.2" LCD Touchscreen with volumio but i need to enable ssd1289 support for that.

Im using a LCD Display i got from valdodov ( … =1&lang=en) and until now i was using his precompiled kernel for raspbian.

The patch file is here: … .6.11.diff

Could i just download the kernel sources and apply this patch? Volumio probably uses a newer Kernel Version but if im not mistaken is still based on raspbian.

If anyone can point me to the kernel source or knows how i can enable the ssd1289 module i would appreciate it.

Here are kernel sources for Raspberry PI:

thanks, i will try to get the patch running with this.

What about BeagleBone (arm7) kernel source? I am trying to patch LIRC driver and recompile the kernel for BBB to have remote control functionality, but I can’t find the source code for the arm7 kernel. Based on the repo I guess that Volumio is using a modified version of 3.8.13 bone-20, but where can I get the source of this modified version (or if it is not modified, the original version)?

Hi retrography,

Were you able to get the beaglebone kernel sources??

google is your friend:

Thanks for the link, but I meant the modified kernel sources from Volumio 1.55 for BBB. Sorry for the confusion.