Kernel header files

Hi there,

I need to compile a usb 2 driver for my Mytek DAC. Where can I get the needed (header) files for the exact Kernel running in Volumio 2?

Hi, I just created a script for that, for everyone’s convenience…

Assuming you’re on v 2.029 or 2.030. Launch this command to retrieve the latest code (warn you that updates will not work after it, so use a second sd card if you have important stuff on your system):

volumio pull

Now, to retrieve the full sources (linked to current kernel so you can compile out of tree modules)

volumio kernelsource

Wait 10 minutes, and you’ll be set.

Let me know how it goes, and it would be great if you could create a tar (to be extracted in /, so keep the folder structure as it is ) with the modules, so we can add those to newer releases

Would this method let me get my multichannel update?

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Do you mean a newer kernel? No


executed the scripts on a fresh install of version 2016-2.030-volumio.

produced a bunch of errors.

finally could fix most of them by sudo apt-get install gc in path /usr/src

So we just need to install gc as well or should we do other stuff to fix it?

Would that also work for cubox?

Nope just on pi for now

I just installed bc, re-ran the scripts and the building of out of tree module worked for me.

some other outputs of the running script I simply didn’t understand, so I’m not sure if they were errors. at least I was able to compile

edit due to fingertrouble

you need to install bc to make it work