Keeping the Pi4 cool all times

normal pi 4 with screen draws 2.5 A your hat will pull something to so with 3A will be on the lowside…
but you could split it with ( not with a y - cable) but with 2 power supply’s… splitting a already low power supply wil give it less instead of more… and that will end in a boot loop

or use a high enough power supply like a 5A that gives a lot the chinees power supply are mostly not so good…the cheap ones…

just adding a Hifiberry sound card for better sound and a remotepi switch for powering on/off the pi how is that.
Also between the y cable that comes with the Smartipi case and the power supply what is a good extender that let u add more length. that was my problem

2 heads and a pi will pull some amps. but you have to figger out how mutch it does…under voltage
is a problem for the pi… and for the remote pi and the pi alone you need 3 amps… then you still got your
hifiberry …what pi are you using?

Hey, do you know of any good extension cord that have around 5.1v 3A which that what the player requires which says it on the smartipicase website.

no i didn’t need so mutch power yet… i would go for somthing like this :

but i think you have to look for your power plug …mine is like this…
as you can see it’s 5.2v and 5 amp more amp is a slight increase of the voltage

Need more length, so would something like this,US-Female/dp/B08D3P7K33/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=2+Prong+Extension+Power+Cord&qid=1607242606&s=hi&sr=1-7 work in more length

i would not use something like that not really safe way to use because it can pop out …
i would rewire the block with longer wire of take a new block most of the time it’s the same price…
if you pull on the cord it will come out if it’s seated in a block most of the times not…

U mean that the power supply can come unplug from the cord.

how many feet do you need total? this is the same price …

Ok, SO i have a 4ft long power supply for the Pi 4 so now i’m looking in on maybe a usb-c to male usb-c extender
to add more between the power supply and the Smartipi case Y splitter

looks like cheap ali express cable :stuck_out_tongue:

well there others instead of that one, just getting a good USB-C extender or extension between the Y cable that came with the Smartipi touch 2 case and the power supply that i had bought a month ago.
If the cable in the link looks cheap, which one would look better.

how many feet is it in total more then 10ft with the 6ft extention?
so if you add up all the lenght + the 6ft how many feet is it in total?

Where my player will sitting by the radio, so the power supply 4ft long so apparently i need a 6ft extender or extension whatever the difference are in the two extender/ extension.

be aware that 10ft or more could not work…

they say this…
We suggest a total length less than 10ft for both your usb c cable and extension cable to achieve best charging and video performance so you will get stuck with a power drop …and your pi will bootloop then

Ok, an error i made.
I have a 5ft not 4ft power supply for the Raspberry pi. And where my Smartipi with Volumio going on it site, I would need at least 6ft to add to my 5ft power supply enable to get the right length. type-c male/female extension cable. do u know of good type c extension cable m/f. do u know of better.

you can’t have it you will get a power drop so it would be useless, take a longer powercord…

Well i looked for salutations to extend this cord 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C) but haven’t found it yet

and if you could get it, it won’t work… skip it …

On the hifiberry pro
where the GPIOs are located what are the sets of hole my the gpio for