Kali Reclocker clocks

Hello, anybody tried to change the piece of S* of oscillators that the Kali comes with? I have just ordered 2 Crystek oscillators, but some experience sharing will be nice.


What is the problem with the stock OSCs of Kali? Can you please be more precise?

Hello, well these clocks are very basic. There are 2 factors to get really high end in my opinion. The one is the power supplies and the other is the clocks. I have changed clocks on various equipment with the same good results every time. So not really a problem, just it can become much better.

Turns out I replaced the clock on the other side of the board because when the Kali arrived it had a dent in that clock, but this didn’t fix the issue I had. The clock I removed is bigger than the ones you are thinking of changing but I was very difficult to remove and I had to replace a tiny cap I damaged in the process. If I had my time over I would have tried using a hot air gun that I have that has a small outlet accessory.

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This is the boards CPU clock. It may give a small benefit to change but I will not bother with this one. The clocks in question are the two on the other side, I have a weller WSM1 Iron with a small tip and i am successful on this kind of operations. The clocks are underway so I will update once I try.

I accidently deleted a message from a person asking advice for a soldering iron. Sorry for that, I hope you can read this instead.
I don’t know the one you are referring to if you don’t solder that much its probably fine. If you do a lot of work go for a weller. I know they are expensive but you end up saving money on the long run.

Did you compare the specs of the stock OSCs with the ones to replace. Or even better did you take any jitter measurements?

Here it is with the new clocks. The results are very good. I did not measure Jitter but the sound improvement speaks for itself

Hi @Panos70

did you change also the capacitor to 0.1uF as recommend?
i don’t now know where the 0.01uF capacitors are located on the board.

They are the small square things next to the clocks

I see on both sides, next to the clocks some small square things.
I would like to ask you kindly, what squares do you mean?

Sorry, i dont have them any more so I cannot see. But just add a 100nF in parallel with the supply on the clocks and you are good.