JustBoom IR Remote Not working Volumio 3

you shouldn’t do it the other way around.
first gpio and then boot the pi and finish configuration.

if gpio 23 does not work, choose a different gpio position, but make sure that the raspberry pi is switched off and after gpio adjustment, start the pi and finish infrared gpio configurarie.

if this doesn’t help unistall the infrared plugin and reboot the pi and install the plugin again, select justboom remote (click save) and set gpio 23 and click save.

@leigh_telles otherwise do this when you get a pulse the infrared receiver is okay and we know the hardware is okay.

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The fact that the LED on the infrared flickers does not mean that the infrared also works properly.

I kept on having to reinstall Volumio on the Pi each time i tested out each GPIO pin. But i think i hit something today. i first shut down the pi and place the IR module wire to the gpio on the pi and started it up and went to the GPIO configuration on the volumio and then restart the player. i set it to gpio22
So i kept down the step over and other until i found one. I didn’t know it would work but, since I have Volumio going on the laptop browser to test. I took the remote here in my hand and started pressing buttons.
I started noticing in the browser as i pressed the volume up/down that it was moving up and down as i pressed. i tried each and every button out.
the volume up/down
the two buttons above the volume
mute and power works
It just that some wouldn’t work, like the home/ select/ and the up/down/ left/right buttons won’t work.

ok now it works as it should.

I was amaze when i show that the volume going up and down on the play that i got right now connected to the browser. So, why want the other buttons works, that the one i would need, to play the song, go home and back and forward.
the two at the bottom and the power and mute works.
in other words half works and half don’t work

if you looked closely at the start page it says that only play/pause/mute/volume/next/previous/seek repeat and random works.
so that up and down won’t work or you have to ask in the original remote control post.

So, what would i do now, since half of the buttons won’t work

the intention of the infrared plugin is purely for audio so previous next, pause, volume etcetera is also the only thing you need and this all works fine.

and what I mentioned above if you want to have those up and down, right, left, you have to ask if these extra functions can be included, which means that the developer has to put this extra software / function in it.

Ok, since i can get some buttons working, which i liked seeing what joyful news i was seeing on the buttons.
in the selected remote profile, is there a remote that will work all buttons.

what I already stated. if you looked closely at the start page it says that only play/pause/mute/volume/next/previous/seek repeat and random works.
so that up and down won’t work or you have to ask in the original remote control post.

even if you try 1000 different remote controls the result remains the same or you have to ask the developer of the plugin if he wants to implement extra functions in it.

If you don’t mind I’ll stop now because everything is now working as intended.

Having the Volumio playing, but the play and the next buttons and up/down wont work, what’s the point of having it, if you can’t select and play or skip a song.
I like the player since the IR sensor work, but it’s the great if i can’t control all the functions with a remote.

Ok, all over the buttons on the JustBoom ir remote don’t work. How can i install lirc to the player to learn the commands of any ir remote. like a universal remote


If installing one of these justboom hats here How To Configure JustBoom With Volumio • JustBoom connecting the IR Receiver to the hat will it enable the Justboom remote control the player.
like Playback, next and all other functions.

I think this is about a justboom dac and not infrared, those are two different things.

so i wouldn’t know.

So you telling me that since i said that the led on the ir sensor blinks as i push the button, also mean that it is not work right.

have you done what @Wheaten suggested. gives remote pulses.

Well, well, well, after changing over from 3.3v to 5v, the sensor is now going.
It has been the 3 day when booting up the Pi 4 loading up volumio player, i tried the justboom remote and i still have contact. the volume works.
One problem is, why won’t my Justboom ir remote don’t work like the up/down/ left/right/ ok/home buttons dead. but the volume/shuffle/mute/ redeem works great. I have the profile in the player selected on justboom.

Yep, it works.
I change it to 5v and now the sensor work.