JustBoom Digi and 24bit audio

I find that the JustBoom Digi HAT for the Raspberry Pi (3B) works pretty well with 16bit audio samples, but 24bit (typically 192kHz) produces no output.
I have read of some Linux issues with 24bit ove I2C is that the problem here?
I also see that the JustBoom Digi lists compatibility with Raspbian, but the Volumio image is based on Noobs, though somewhat customised.
The chipset on the JustBoom Digi is supposed to handle 24bit/192kHz and I would like to render data to that level of resolution/sample rate.

Any suggestions please?

Hi Elsabio,

this is currently a limitation with the kernel. Our card supports 16 and 24 bit rate but the kernel will not allow 24 bit samples to work.

Does this help?