JustBoom DAC Zero opinion?

What do you think about the Justboom DAC Zero? I am new with the raspberry, and I am searching for a DAC for my pi3. I need analogic outputs to connect to my car´s amplifier…

It´s better a I2s or usb dac?


IMHO I2S is better than USB, in this particular scenario. See here
volumio.org/raspberry-pi-i2s-da … s-so-good/

I’m testing the boomberry in this days, and my initial findings are quite positive!

If you want to take a look, we’ve lot of alternatives on our shop, you should find a lot of explanations in the products pages, but if you need more help just ask:

If you are using with the Raspberry Pi 3, your best bet would be the JustBoom DAC HAT instead of the DAC Zero as the HAT has better features and is specifically designed to use with the Pi 3.

See here - justboom.co/product/justboom-dac-hat/

I got mine one week ago and it sounds really good! This is my first digital setup so I have no big experience but it is way better than my good old PS3!

Sorry for reviving an old thread. Is anyone using the justboom dac zero with the pi zero w and experiencing background noise on the headphone amp jack. I have tried it with a pi 3 B+ and there is no noise. It appears it is an issue only with the pi zero w.

Has anyone experienced this and found a fix? I really like the form factor and it sounds great besides that bit of annoying background noise