Just want to post a thank you!

Been a sleeping old hifi-git for a long time, i.e. since getting kids…
5 or 6 years ago I spent my vacation converting all my cd:s to flac without really knowing why.
Recently all of a suddenly a room opened up, I could bring my old speakers and my amplifier there but the link between ripped cd:s on NFS and RCA inputs on my amplifier caused problems. Friend of mine found HiFiBerry as part of the solution and that giving hope I found volumio as a distribution. Volumio together with the iPhone app is what I needed, this is why I ripped all those cd:s to flac several years ago.
It works beautifly and si EXACTLY what I wanted. Thanks to all of you in the development team!

Best regards

Glad you’ve dusted off the old equipment & are putting it to good use, Enjoy :slight_smile: