James from SF Bay Area in California


I’m James… I’m an old metal head, who’s had a long love for inexpensive ways to fill my ears with the highest quality ear candy … I recently stopped letting my life get in the way and picked up the guitar (see avatar) …

My current set up for listening was an adventure in hand picking my pieces to be under $200 each… and have had some great success… the Turntable, CD Player, & Speakers are the only things I purchased new

Denon PMA-520 Integrated Amp ($100 via cragslist)

Onkyo C-7030 CD Player ($140 via Amazon)

Fluance RT80 Turntable ($199 via Kickstarter) upgraded the slipmat to a cork/cloth one I found on Etsy, and the cartridge to a Grado Green (via Acoustic Sounds)

Nakamichi BX-100 Tape Deck ($120 via Etsy) this is possibly the best deck i have ever owned

Dayton Audio T652 speakers ($100 from Parts Express) … these are the big brother to the B652’s that I have in my bedroom, and really enjoy them

Rpi 3 & HifiBerry ($70 total if memory serves) that’s running off of my WD iCloud set as a network file server

I am a complete gear whore … and open to suggestions on what could be a good matching set of tower speakers in the future

Hi doomtroll, welcome & enjoy the experience.