Jamendo WebRadio support Announced in 2022. Is active?

Hi Michelangelo ! I read in your august 2022 post New gizmos that “… by the end of August you could expect to find lot of new features Integration with Radio directories, such as Jamendo and more, to retrieve easily new songs.”

I’m interested in Jamendo … have you succeeded inserting the feature inside Volumio 2 or 3 ?
The features comes from a new plugin or just by configuring a new WebRadio ?
If non available, is there a beta of the code (github) to help solving the feature ?


Hi Giuliano!
Actually, this post is much much older and Jamendo was never implemented (since they discontinued their public API).

If you can find a publicly available API (which can be integrated into commercial projects) and have some coding skills I will be very happy to help you crafting a plugin for it