ITT we describe the most disappointing speakers we've ever heard

Obviously inspired by the previous thread, because this is a thing that happened to me more than once and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I don’t mean the worst speakers overall (that’s not really interesting), but speakers you had high expectations for (be it high end or overhyped low end), that turned out to be really underwhelming once you heard them at a hifi expo/in a shop/in someones house.

Please take other people’s opinion with a grain of salt (including mine) and don’t take it personally if somenone shits all over your favorite speaker, I’m sure he’ll clean it up later.

Probably 10 years ago, but I was shopping for some new main drivers. Now, I grew up with a pair of Kef Reference 104.2s on a nice system with dedicated power amps. They were kind of an early benchmark and loved them.

So, 10 years later, I’m looking for my new speakers and this local fella had a pair of Reference 107s he wanted to sell. We talked, and he invited me in and we sat down with a stack of discs and had a listen.

Classical and Jazz presented quite well, but anything without a lot of air in the recording sounded incredibly flat and unlistenable. It was the strangest thing. We chatted about it and he somewhat apologetically admitted that they weren’t great for rock or pop music and revealed recording flaws like nothing else.

I left that day feeling confused and sad that I wouldn’t be buying those speakers. Fun experience though.

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