It will not work properly after webradio playing


My usage environment is DAC+ Pro on a RPI 3 Model B, volumio is ver2.296.

Now, suppose that there are one or more webradio stations on the startup Queue.
And webradio starts playing and if it is within a short period of time it will be playing again after stopping
or switching to another station is working normally.
However, if volumio continue to play webradio for some time,
–>Once stopped it can not be played again.
–>can not play it even if I select another station.
This kind of problem happens.
Also, if I can check the USB of Browse> Music Library under normal conditions, USB will disappear if this problem occurs.

In bizarre things, the playing time until the problem occurs is irregular, and it does not always occur after a certain time.
Impression, the probability of occurrence in more than 30 minutes is about 80%.
From this problem I will be recovered by restarting the system, but the same thing will happen again after playing webradio.
Then while the problem occurred,I entered “mpc” from the SSH command line as a test, but there was no reaction,
“error: Timeout” returned in a while.
Then I entered “systemctl restart mpd” .Then, normal operation becomes possible after about 2 minutes have elapsed.
That is, it has the same effect as restarting the system, but it does not solve the problem.

Is there anyone who has confirmed the same symptoms?
If you have any countermeasures, please let me know.

Best regards,
thank you.

I’ve had similar problems with webradio freezing when trying to play a station. The system is then unresponsive unless you restart Volumio. I’ve seen another similar report on these forums but it went unanswered. This was happening on the version prior to the current 2.296. I’m currently monitoring 2.296 to see if it has the same problem. I have IQAudio Digi Amp + on Pi 3. Looking at the log report I see this message:

received update from a service different from the one supposed to be playing music. skipping notification.current webradio received mpd

I don’t see the Timeout error you mention. I think it would be better to log a bug report for this webradio problem on Git.

Same issue here to my wifes big annoyance. So big that she finds the complete volumio to be just rubbish, and we can’t have that, can we?
We are only using streams that I have added myself as they do not exist in the standard library. Can that make an influence?


It is frozen though it is not doing anything special, and I have to restart it.
I thought it was a big problem, but because I could not find the same symptomatic writing It was strange.

So,I appreciate the writing of the two of you.

Yesterday, I installed the latest volumio 2.31, but the symptoms are the same.
Well I also did the same way as AR166 to add a radio station to My Web Radios.
First of all, access to on Windows PC,
I looked for a radio station where problems occurred in volumio.
Next, download the PLS file of the radio station and add the file information to
I registered with My web Radios of volumio and put those radio stations on the Queue.
I have received that radio station all day today but the freeze phenomenon has not occurred so far.

If it stabilizes with this,It seems that there is a problem when linking with shoutcast prepared for volumio from the beginning.

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Had a chance to look into the issue today. Using the Volumio.log file I found to my surprise that my added web streams is actually returning a different URL than the added. Changing the url to same as shown in log and the stream appear stable so far and able to operate between different streams and sources. This can explain the given error message in log: Received update from a service different from the one supposed to be playing music. Skipping notification.

Case relates to streams from NRK (Norway), practice may apply to other stations as well


I also confirmed the same contents in volumio.log.

2017-11-10T10:31:25.472Z - info: STATE SERVICE {“status”:“play”,“position”:0,“seek”:1819620,“duration”:0,“samplerate”:“44.1 KHz”,“bitdepth”:“24 bit”,“channels”:2,
“random”:false,“updatedb”:false,“repeat”:false,“isStreaming”:false,“title”:"* Lentas 82-83 UK - Promo Hits 80s 03 +",“artist”:“1HITS80s”,“album”:null,


[1510309983523] ---------------------------- Client requests Volumio stop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.526Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioStop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.527Z - info: [1510309983526] CoreStateMachine::stop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.528Z - info: [1510309983527] CoreStateMachine::setConsumeUpdateService undefined
2017-11-10T10:33:03.530Z - info: [1510309983529] CoreStateMachine::stPlaybackTimer
2017-11-10T10:33:03.531Z - info: [1510309983530] CoreStateMachine::updateTrackBlock
2017-11-10T10:33:03.534Z - info: [1510309983533] CorePlayQueue::getTrackBlock
2017-11-10T10:33:03.536Z - info: [1510309983535] CoreStateMachine::pushState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.536Z - info: [1510309983536] CoreStateMachine::getState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.537Z - info: [1510309983536] CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
2017-11-10T10:33:03.537Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.538Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumiodiscovery , saveDeviceInfo
2017-11-10T10:33:03.539Z - info: [1510309983539] interfaceApi::pushState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.540Z - info: [1510309983540] InterfaceWebUI::pushState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.564Z - info: [1510309983563] CoreStateMachine::serviceStop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.565Z - info: [1510309983564] CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
2017-11-10T10:33:03.566Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::serviceStop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.568Z - info: [1510309983567] ControllerWebradio::stop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.569Z - info: [1510309983568] ControllerMpd::sendMpdCommand stop
2017-11-10T10:33:03.574Z - info: [1510309983573] sending command…
2017-11-10T10:33:03.576Z - info: Pushing Favourites {“service”:“webradio”,“uri”:“","favourite”:false}
2017-11-10T10:33:03.657Z - info: [1510309983656] parsing response…
2017-11-10T10:33:03.659Z - info: [1510309983658] ------------------------------ 135ms
2017-11-10T10:33:03.660Z - info: Mpd Status Update: player
2017-11-10T10:33:03.660Z - info:
[1510309983660] ---------------------------- MPD announces state update
2017-11-10T10:33:03.661Z - info: [1510309983661] ControllerMpd::getState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.662Z - info: [1510309983662] ControllerMpd::sendMpdCommand status
2017-11-10T10:33:03.663Z - info: [1510309983663] sending command…
2017-11-10T10:33:03.665Z - info: [1510309983664] parsing response…
2017-11-10T10:33:03.666Z - info: [1510309983666] ControllerMpd::parseState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.667Z - info: [1510309983667] ControllerMpd::sendMpdCommand playlistinfo
2017-11-10T10:33:03.668Z - info: [1510309983667] sending command…
2017-11-10T10:33:03.670Z - info: [1510309983669] parsing response…
2017-11-10T10:33:03.671Z - info: [1510309983670] ControllerMpd::parseTrackInfo
2017-11-10T10:33:03.672Z - info: [1510309983671] ControllerMpd::pushState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.672Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::servicePushState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.673Z - info: [1510309983672] CoreStateMachine::syncState
2017-11-10T10:33:03.673Z - info: [1510309983673] CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
2017-11-10T10:33:03.674Z - info: [1510309983674] Received update from a service different from the one supposed to be playing music. Skipping notification.Current webradio Received mpd

It certainly differs from the URI when receiving and playing and the URI pushed when freezing occurs.
When start receiving radio, it is in pls format.Once it stops after receiving a certain time, when tuning again, it changes to m3u format.


And I confirmed that both are URIs of the same radio station.
The difference is that the former is pls format and the latter is m3u format.

Then, as I wrote yesterday, I registered the pls of the same radio station with My web Radios and checked the log when I played it.
In this case also “Received update from a service different from the one supposed to be playing music. Skipping notification.Current webradio Received mpd”
Although it was recorded from time to time, the URI will remain in pls format and will not freeze.

So, like you, I think the change in URI is related to freeze.

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Thanks for taking time for investigating this, we will try to circumvent this issue.

Hello, Mr. Michelangelo

Thank you for answering us. :smiley:

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