It is I, weust

I’m from The Netherlands, part-time audiophile.

Just setup Volumio on a 5th gen Intel NUC i3. Connected using USB to my Devialet 400.
Loudspeakers are Marten Miles 5. Other components are a Audio Research CD2 and a VPI Classic 3 Rosewood with Koetsu Black cartridge.
Using MIT cables to hook everything up, except the USB cable.

I was mainly looking for a streamer appliance type solution, and Volumio seems to be just that.
Installed it on the SSD of the NUC, added directories on my NAS’s music share without any problems.

Playing around with it for just a few hours now, and liking what I see.
Bunch of things I would like to see added or be able to configure, but noticed in the suggestion topics I’m not the only one.
So there is hope :slight_smile:

Been running jRiver Media Center on another NUC in audio only mode.
Can’t run that as an appliance, and since I’m a IT guy myself and don’t want to hobby too much when I just want to listen to music, I started looking further.

Hi weust, enjoy the music :slight_smile:.

Always try too. Loudness war and compression sometimes make it difficult :wink:

Just don’t listen to anything recorded after 1992 :wink:

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If only if that were so easy. Despite so many albums recorded like crap, some of those albums are good albums.
Sometimes you just have to turn your mind off and just listen. How hard that might be.

Luckily my record player/cartridge is amazing, and playing MoFi/AP 45rpm records sound fantastic.
No digital file can beat that. MQA comes very close with a 20K Euro Meridian DAC though.