Issues with Volumio 2 RC1

I tried Volumio 2 RC1 because I have issues with Volumio 1.5 and 1.55. (see also this thread). So I discovered some bugs in Volumio 2 RC1.

The bugs are:

  • My WiFi adapter of choice is not recognized;
  • There is no WiFi “connected” status available (when using a WiFi dongle that connects);
  • My Meridian Explorer Asynchroneous USB DAC is recognized but there is no sound whatsoever (settings OK, volume OK);
  • On several occasions Volumio 2 RC1 hangs.

Raspberry Pi B+ 512MB
Volumio 2 RC1
Meridian Explorer USB DAC
Tuneblade (Airplay)

RC1 is quite old now and I am pretty sure that most of those issues have now been fixed.

The last few issues are being ironed out of RC2 and it will be released very soon, it is a big step forward from RC1 so i would suggest you hang on and try RC2. Hopefully this weekend.