Issues with NUC and wireless dongle and Volumio

I’m using an older NUC (2014), and it works fine if I’m connected via cat 6 to the modem/router. Im trying to get my TP-Link WN823 v.3 to work, but its just not responding. I’m using the latest version of Volumio. Could it be a driver issue? I’m a Linux novice. Since Volumio is a Debian port, will it work with drivers for “linux”? I’ve tried git hub, my syntax is correct, but I’m getting nothing. Any ideas? I’ve been trying to figure out if I can install the factory drivers off of a USB, but can’t seem to find the correct commands. Any insight would be most appreciated.

Try this:

You’ll need to install the driver manually (that’s often the case and it’s not the end of the world). Meanwhile, you’ll learn some handy Linux stuff. Good luck.