Issues with Music Library and web adress

I’m having some issues with the Music library. I have successfully connected my NAS to Volumio but it won’t load all folders. Just some.

Another issue is that I was able to access Volumio fine with volumio.local but then suddenly it stopped working and now I can only access it via the IP adress.

What could be the problem? Otherwise, it works great with the Spotify plugin.

EDIT: It seems now that all folders have loaded. It just took a really long time. The other issue persists though.

  • Make sure to clear the browser cache and retry accessing via volumio.local
  • Are you connect via copper or wireless to the network. (If wireless try copper)
  • Hit rescan and leave the pi untouched until completion
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Thanks! I’ll try that. A couple of computers are viewing Volumio at the same time. Could that be an issue also? Is it also possible that the web interface is very slow while scanning all songs on the NAS? I’m connected via WIFI, but it says that the connection is good and speed is at 50 mb/s.

Scanning take some considerable time, depending on the library size.
Please repeat steps without Wifi. Wifi on a pi is far from stable. Doing this on copper, will at least take that issue away.
If it finished as expected, you can always move back to Wifi.

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The scanning is now complete. It took some 5 hours or so for 10gb of music. The web interface is now quick again. The issue with the adress still remains though. I cant login in to the web interface from any computer on the network with the .local adress. It’s no big deal though because I just use the IP number. It’s just as well.

Overall I’m very satisfied with Volumio. It works perfect with Spotify.

The 5 hours sound pretty normal, for such extended library. Glad to hear it’s working now.
Now you can try moving back to Wifi and see when you play audio is plays without interruption.
Which browser are you using?

My 550GB library scans in minutes (certainly less than hours).

Edit: just removed my library from Odroid C4 running v3.076 with NFS on a Synology NAS. Readded, and scan on 5813 tracks (550GB) took just over 3 minutes. I wouldn’t expect that Volumio 3.x vs 2.x makes any difference.

Edit 2: RPi4 with v 2.906 and same NAS took about 4.5 minutes. I’m not reading anything significant into the time difference … this was my home network being used by other devices. However, the timescale for my scanning a library is very different from your own experiences.

Edit 3: ethernet connections.

Sorry, I misread the 10GB, thought it was 10TB. As my scanning (4,5TB) takes +/- 2 hours from scratch with redundant network cards.
The 10GB, how many tracks are there?

There are a total of 759 tracks. I’m using Chrome to access the web interface. Volumio is running on a Pi 4 with 4gb RAM.

that shouldn’t take much time.
which file system are you using on the NAS?