Issues with display (Spotify info and scrolling direction)

I’ve put Raspberry Pi B+ running Volumio 2.0 with Chinese WM8740+PCM2707 DAC into old Technics tuner casing. After getting it running, I’ve added HD44780 16x2 display and HX1838 remote receiver (to control it with Technics remote).
The device looks and plays very nice!!!

However, I’ve got two issues with the display:

  1. Display works properly when playing files from local drive and NAS or internet radio but it’s not working with Spotify. I’ve already found out, that HD44780 plugin for Volumio takes track info from mpd while Spotify uses spopd (instead of mpd). Is there any other plugin I can use or any chance that someone could update the plugin I’m already using?

  2. I’d like to change the direction of scrolling on LCD. By default the text scrolls from right to left and then back from left to right. I’d like to change this and have text scrolling all the time from right to left. What and where should I change in script or settings to make display working this way?

Any hints and comments welcome!