issues in 2.201 upgrade

Hi I have a few issues since I upgraded to 2.201.

  • volume: I have volume set to 50% when starting system, and I have autoplay with some webradio. Since upgrade when it starts playing the volume is more like in 70%, but shows 50% in GUI. If I click in the wheel at 50% it changes volume to real loudness.

  • not loading on Firefox (lastest version): if i try to load GUI in Firefox the circle keeps spinning and doesnt load. shows common.tab_bla bla on buttons.
    Works fine with Microsoft Edge.

Any idea?

Loading issue -> turn off the ads blocker

Thanks, that did the job on the loading issue.

Which ad blocker do you use? I am not able to replicate the issue

Adblock plus 2.9.1 on Firefox with both default lists selected and not allowing some non-intrusive ads

Anyone has the volume issue?