Issues connecting to network using wifi


Yesterday I assembled a Raspberry pi 3 system for use with Volumio. If I connect via ethernet, everything works fine, However, I keep on having issues with the wifi and I am afraid I am overlooking something trivial.

Using my phone I can connect to the wifi hotspot and via 192.168,211,1 I can operate the device. However, in the 'network; section in ‘settings’ I cannot connect the pi to my network. I see a list of SSID for the various access points around, but these are all from neighbors. The SSID of our network does not show up and connecting using 'manual wifi conncetion’and correctly selecting wpa2 and entering the password does not create a connection. When using the pi, our network SSID seems to be completely non-existing. However, multiple phones and laptops use the same access point and all work fine. All these devices were connected in the normal way by choosing the correct SSID from the list and entering the password. And this is what I had expected at the pi as well. Scanning the network with a phone gives the SSID of our neighbors and our own access point. So the access point is still broadcasting its SSID.

What could go wrong here? Help appreciated!


Hi Hans

Maybe this can help you

Great! This indeed solved the issue completely. Thanks for posting this.

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