Issue with volume control on new version


Since last update, I have an issue with volume control. Music is playing ok but volume control has no effect. Also, in the playing options, mixer type -> analog is not available anymore.
I a using a RPI3 + Hifiberry DAC plus.

Thanks for your help !

Yup, just in time for Christmas, volume control is completely defunct. Stuck at the start level with no feedback or control through app or my hardware volume dial. Is there a way to reverse “upgrades”?

In system, you can do a “factory reset”. But you will loose all your settings :confused:

Thanks Balbuze, sorry for being touchy. I had people coming over and the last thing I needed was for my Volumio to fail, I’m so keen to show it off. I read a workaround on another post that got me going. It seems the latest version has messed the hardware volume control up for a lot of i2s dacs, my one included. I imagine a fix will come along in the next revision. Happy New Year to you.


I had the same problem with one of my devices (Rpi 3 + Hifiberry DAC Plus). The device was dead silent. I was able to fix it for now by changing the DAC Model to Adafruit MAX98357 (even I don’t have that) > Restart device > Change back the Hifiberry DAC Plus > Restart > Got the sound, but need to change the Volume elsewhere as the control yet was not working. I’ve noticed if I shutdown the Rpi, I might need to do the same procedure all over again to get the sound working. I am using also Allo Boss on other device, but this works fine without any problems.

the issue will be investigated when the devs return form holidays

solved for me