Issue Touch Display and IR Remote controller: "add playlist"

I have some trouble with using a IR Remote Control to add a large playlist (about 8000 .flac files from SSD connected to a Raspberry 4B 4GB RAM running Volumio v2.692) to the queue.

The command I send by the Remote Key lircrc for adding playlists to queue is always like:

     prog = irexec
     button = KEY_F1
     config = /usr/bin/curl 'http://localhost:3000/api/v1/commands/?cmd=playplaylist&name=Play%20all'
     repeat = 0

It is fine for all smaller playlists, but when I do it for the playlist “Play all”, which contains the selected tracks from all genres, the chromium browser from Touch Display plugin is showing me a page if I would need some help. The playlist gets added correctly and plays fine. Only the screen of my TV, connected by HDMI, is not showing the Volumio page in chromium browser anymore.
This effect does not appear when I add the same playlist from the Volumio Webpage on my PC.

My workaround currently is
prog = irexec
button = KEY_F1
config = /usr/bin/curl ‘http://localhost:3000/api/v1/commands/?cmd=playplaylist&name=Play%20all’; killall chromium-browse
Then after adding the playlist, the chromium browser is getting closed and reloading with the Volumio page.

But as this is not the real solution, I’m hoping that someone might give me a helping hand to find out which timeout or buffersize might be the reason for chromium to show the helping page.
Or maybe there is a command I did not find to load a playlist to the queue without clearing the existing one. Then I might split the playlist and load them one after the other using a macro on my Remote Control (Philips Pronto).

F1 calls a help function in many programs. I guess F1 here also still works as a shortcut to call help on chromium although chromium is running in kiosk mode. If possible I suggest to try another key or key combination to circumvent the issue for now.

Shame on me!
The problem, as so often, was between the ears.
I thought that the definitions for the remote control keys are only virtual variables for IR Control and I did not expect that the key definitions would really be passed on as a keyboard.
And since loading the list “Play all” takes a long time and the list is very large, I immediately thought that it had to be a problem with the file size.
After I have made “KEY_F1” to “KEY_F21” everything works as it should.
Thank you for the quick fix!