issue 2.609

I have the v2.609 ans there is a display issue. When I am in Music Library, I can’t play the albums or artist who are at the top of the screen

Can you give some more information please (the more, the better :wink:)? It looks like you are using a small screen device?

Specifically: are you using Volumio3 UI? Which device? Are you using a phone? Which phone? Which browser?

My screenshot was very small, sorry. I have the same issue on my Mac using safari 12.1.2 and on my iPhone 7 on iOS 12.4, I tried on an iPhone 8 too.

on iOS:

and on my Mac:

And since yesterday I can’t access to Qobuz anymore. All the Qobuz section are empty


Alright, I’ll wait until Monday :wink:

And for my first problem?

Seems that 2.629 solve the display issue thanks