Isolated sound card requires Pi kernel version 5.4.58 or later

The Audio Injector Isolated DAC has just started to make its way into people’s hands.

It needs a recent kernel version (5.4.58 or later).

Is there somewhere which lists the current kernel version Volumio is using ?


latest official release is running on kernel 4.19.118

latest Buster beta for Raspberry Pi is running on kernel 5.4.59

SSH into your Pi and type uname -r

mine returns 4.19.118-v7+ (Raspi 2b)

Awesome go Buster beta !!!

does it work with it?

I ended up adding the soundcards to the DACs json file. I’ll wait till that is properly integrated and check.
If both of these kernel versions are post 17th of July 2020, then it will work.


Nice to meet you, Matt.

I’m one of the people who helped the Isolated Soundcard (Kickstarter) created with your new ideas.
It was delivered by September 7th, and I installed the latest version of Volumio (kernel 4.19.118-v7 + # 1311 Apr 27 2020), but it is not the post 17th of July 2020 you pointed out, so I2S DAC It cannot be selected because there is no Audio injector-isolated-sound from the menu. The only solution is to wait for the new Volumio update version in the future.


Nice to meet you,

Support for the high end Audio Injector sound cards was just added to Volumio:

So I think you’re right, the next Volumio release will include support for the Isolated soundcard.

I have looked to see when the next release will happen. I’m not really sure where to look.